Who we are

To promote cultural exchange between Argentina and the U.S.A.

Be a link to the world for people who dare to dream, learn, and discover. 



Asociación Rosarina de Intercambio Cultural Argentino Norteamericano (A.R.I.C.A.N.A.®) was founded in 1943 thanks to the spontaneous decision of a qualified group of people from Rosario. It was composed of artists, writers, journalists, university professors, manufacturers, and other professionals. Its objective was to create a fluid exchange of ideas between Argentine and American culture.

ARICANA® is a Non-Profit Civil Association with legal status from the I.G.P.J. according to Decree Nº 13.605 of 10/03/1956.

Thanks to this initiative, our Binational Center was created, strengthening in a significant way the friendship between both countries.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

ARICANA is managed by a Board of Directors. Its President is in charge of establishing policy and actions to be followed with the consent of all the members of the Committee and in accordance with the bylaws. It is composed of:

  • President: Carlos Héctor Costanzo.
  • Vice President: Pedro Real.
  • Secretary: Cecilia Virginia Girolami.
  • Treasurer: Nadia Alejandra Pezzuti.
  • First Vocal Member: Carmen Anunciada Fonti.
  • First Alternate Member: Gustavo Edgardo Fonti.
  • Second Vocal Member: Marcelo López.
  • Second Alternate Member: Horacio Gabriel Fosco.
  • Statutory Auditor: Laureano Ventura Sánchez.
  • Alternate Statutory Auditor: Sebastián Szpecht.


ARICANA's near you. In addition to our headquarters (pictured), we have 3 branches:

  • 423 Arijón Av.,
  • 5247 San Juan St.,
  • 15 Ocampo St.

You can also find us at:

  • La Florida: 682 Agustín Álvarez St.,
  • Monje: 590 Libertad St.