The Translations Unit is formed by licensed professionals dedicated to the translation of public and private documents, as well as personal documents. 

  • We perform translations of original documents or copies in different fields from English to Spanish and vice versa.
  • We offer personalized attention to our clients. 

Request for budget 

You may bring us the material to be translated personally by appointment, or send us a copy of the originals (click on button at the bottom). 


Once the budget has been received and accepted, the applicant must make a deposit equivalent to 20% of the total amount budgeted within 48 hours of sending it in order to start the work. Before the final delivery, the client will deposit the total balance. 

Contact us 

Personally: Monday to Thursday from 13 to 17hs

Telephonically: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm 


Public translations 

These are documents whose translation into another language has legal value and must be submitted to judicial, public, institutional or administrative entities or agencies. They require the services of a Certified Translator who provides a guarantee of accuracy with his seal and signature. You can find qualified and registered translators on the website of the Colegio de Traductores de la Prov. de Santa Fe (2nd Circ.) 

When are these Translations required? 

Different public agencies, courts, embassies and institutions usually require certified translations of personal, official or legal documents. 

Technical and Literary Translations 

Commercial, Technical and Literary translations require the handling of specific terminology and some knowledge of the subject matter involved. For this purpose, we rely on the support of professionals from different areas.