Nonimmigrant visas

Office hours by phone: Mondays to Thursdays from 08:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

All Argentines and residents need a valid Visa to enter to the United States, even when in transit to other countries.

The requested visa will depend on the activity that will be carried out in the USA.

The list of nonimmigrant visas can be consulted on the official website of the U.S. Embassy in Argentina.

At ARICANA we do not assist for K and E visas.

For B1B2 (tourism) visas individuals between the ages of 14 and 79 must have interviews at the CAS and at the U.S. Embassy.

People over 80 years of age, children under 14, and people who renew their type B visas (tourism) should consult the requirements for IWP cases – absence of presence. (Due to the pandemic, all applicants must go to Buenos Aires).

For more information, visit the official website of the U.S. Embassy in Argentina.

The amounts to be paid are:

  • ARICANA's fee: $8000.- per person (in cash or with debit card on the date of documentation submission).
  • Consular fee: U$160.- per person (in Argentine pesos considering the official dollar in Rapipago, a few days after submitting the documentation).
  • DHL's fee for returning passports to Rosario.

Stages of the procedure at ARICANA:

  1. Delivery of paperwork and verification of information.
  2. Payment of the CONSULAR fee (once the system data upload is completed).
  3. Scheduling of CAS and Embassy shifts, depending on the case.

After attending the interview and once the Visa is granted, the Embassy will ship the passport to the DHL mail branch established by the applicant, paying for the respective shipping cost.

The documentation to be submitted to ARICANA is:

  • Valid passport (original), with at least two whole sheets available for visa stamping. (The validity of the passport must exceed the date of the consular appointment by at least 6 months).
  • 1 photocopy of valid passport.
  • Previous passports, if you had them (originals only).
  • Passports of another nationality, if you were to have them (original and photocopy).
  • Last U.S. Visa issued, if you were to have one (attach photocopy).
  • Complete DS-160 form, in legible handwriting and in ink.
  • Foreign residents Argentina must attach a copy of their ID.


ARICANA is not authorized to assist those whose visa has been rejected or who were denied admission/entry to the United States. The Consular Officer who attends each particular case is the one who decides whether the Visas are granted or not (ARICANA has no interference in the obtaining/rejection of visa).

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